Jean Edwards Consulting have analysts with expertise in the London Market. They are familiar with insurance and reinsurance from an underwriting, financial and operational perspective, and have a keen understanding of business drivers. They pursue strategic and tactical solutions with energy, drive and a focus on business goals.

Insurance Data Analytics

Insurance Business Book Migration

Jean Edwards successfully migrated the complete ten year book of business, reviewing and enhancing data quality and reconciling down to the general ledger, moving data from a deprecated application infrastructure to a unified environment as part of a wider business consolidation process.

Salesforce Integration with Insurance Back-Office

Creating an interface between Salesforce and an insurance processing system for a Bermuda insurer, allowing the client to perform the full administration cycle of a contract in Salesforce (create, bind, renew, update), and then automatically transfer to other line of business applications.

Claims Process Definition for a Major Insurer

Jean Edwards proposed and implemented the workflow for the Claims department.

London Market Services

With over 60 years experience in the London Market between our senior consultants, Jean Edwards has assisted clients with:

  • Moving EDI processing from legacy systems to new solutions
  • Upgrading from LM EDI to ACORD XML messages
  • Validating and migrating legacy contracts onto more efficient systems
  • Aiding companies in data analysis for moving syndicates into RITC
  • Providing support for Lloyd’s returns and assisting in efficient processing of London Market bordereaux

Document Management System Migration

As brokers and managing agents have merged over the decades, many documents are held in legacy document management systems which are now reaching end-of-life, with little documentation around their implementation and filing rules. Often, many will hold documents from past migrations, contain poor quality metadata or refer to obsolete back-office systems.

Specialising in analysing and migrating documents from these systems, we have a suite of tools which are used to provide a determination of the data quality within these systems and a robust methodology which can be used to transfer the documents and ensure the metadata is extracted, cleansed, transformed and correctly migrated.

Working with systems ranging from bespoke repositories to Sharepoint, we can help you hold all your data in a single place and decommission legacy systems and reduce frictional cost.

Jean Edwards also has a dedicated and proven product – ALPHA – which can automatically read and analyse unstructured documents.

Recovery Calculation

A key issue, especially in syndicates with a large legacy book or substantial RITC, is ensuring that recoveries from insurance claims are correctly discovered, calculated and presented in the format required by the reinsurer.

Jean Edwards can assist by examining your inwards and outwards books of business and provide an overview of contracts with potential recoveries, checking existing recovery calculations, and automatically linking legacy inward claim movements to appropriate outward contracts.