We inspire, and are inspired by, change. Since 2005, Jean Edwards Consulting has been providing the highest quality data and change management services to the finance industry and public sector. Our team of dedicated and highly motivated experts bring together a wealth of experience and skills.

Together, we provide our clients with the best services and solutions to help them meet the challenges of today’s fast-changing world head on. We don’t just work with our clients to give them what they want – we lead by example to give them the most optimal, flexible, maintainable solutions possible.


With our wide range of experience and expertise across a variety of industries, we are uniquely adaptable to any challenge a project provides. JE supports clients to transform their business for the digital future, enabling them to leverage their data for risk management, marketing and entering new markets.

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Reinsurance is a core JE strength. Our senior consultants have decades of experience in the global and London Market sector. As the market evolves – from ever more sophisticated modelling and pricing techniques, new structured finance products and an increased reliance on data, integration and automation – companies need to innovate more than ever.

Our unique blend of technological and business expertise means our clients can be assured of our professionalism and subject matter knowledge, and benefit from our unwavering commitment to delivering high quality business solutions. Investment in strong client relationships ensures top-level support through and beyond the life-cycle of projects.

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Financial institutions need to constantly evolve in the rapidly changing market by investing in innovation and actively seeking optimisation opportunities. With our track record in handling and optimising the flow of critical financial information, JE supports financial institutions to innovate their business model and increase operational effectiveness.

Our tool set is proven to be reliable and robust; we recognise that any downtime is not merely an annoyance to users, but business critical, and enterprise standard infrastructure, applications and support are not just desirable, but mandatory.

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Public Sector

With a firm commitment to the benefits brought by well run, focused, efficient and transparent projects, Jean Edwards has a long track record of supporting public sector organisations with their unique data requirements.

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Management Consulting & Strategy

Jean Edwards assist organisations to build effective strategies efficiently by focusing on key business levers that make a difference. Our approach involves solving operational problems with operational data by putting the processes in place to ensure permanent improvement of organisational effectiveness so that your business begins, and continues, to succeed.

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Artificial Intelligence & Automation

Cutting edge technology offers new ways to build efficiency and streamline processes. Our experienced team of analysts and developers work together to enhance our existing expertise in system integration to utilise machine learning and artificial intelligence tools – combining imagination with business knowledge to bring a next generation tool set of new applications to the market.

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Data Management

With data at the heart of our business, effective management solutions are a crucial element to any operational success. Here at JE, we provide a variety of services that not only help improve your data management for overcoming your current challenges, but also prepare you for future obstacles and unexpected change.

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Technology Innovation

Organisations need to consistently engage in technological innovation to remain competitive. This has become second nature to some and is widely acknowledged by others. Jean Edwards are constantly investigating and leveraging the latest technologies, for the cloud, remote working infrastructure, blockchain and innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We consistently develop, test and improve with great agility to ensure that such technologies are deployed with clear business supporting purposes, to bring realisable benefits and maximise operational capability.

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