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Inspired by change.

We inspire, and are inspired by, change. Since 2005, Jean Edwards Consulting has been providing the highest quality data and change management services to the finance industry and public sector.

Our team of dedicated and highly motivated experts bring together a wealth of experience and skills. Together we provide our clients the best service and solutions around to help them meet the challenges of today’s fast-changing world head on.

We don’t just work with our clients to give them what they want – we lead by example to give them the most optimal, flexible, maintainable solutions possible. For us, ‘good enough’ is not good enough.


To improve the business of our clients by designing high quality solutions and providing industry-leading advice and support. To inspire and lead our partners, using the latest technology, methods and standards as the norm, not the exception.


We believe in delivering the best solutions for our clients, and will always advocate for the best technologies, most efficient processes and methodologies available.


Our solutions are of the highest quality; we never compromise. Our people take pride in delivery.


We work with our clients and partners to understand what’s needed and how best to deliver. We are flexible and responsive. A client is not just a short term source of revenue but a chance to build a long term partnership of mutual benefit.


We believe that working together, sharing our knowledge and skills with each other and our clients is key. Together we are more than the sum of our parts.


At Jean Edwards we are always looking for the best and brightest, and with our growing list of clients we are keen to expand our top-quality team of analysts, project managers and developers. We will consider everyone, from the most experienced to the recent graduate, and provide the best training and support wherever it’s needed. For us to be the best, we want you to be the best.

If you would like to work on challenging and interesting projects, with a dynamic, friendly and supportive team, then we would love to hear from you.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Philanthropic – Jean Edwards aims to be more than just a business in an office. Our goal is to be part of the community.

Ethical – We treat everyone fairly and respectfully, whether they be our clients, customers, suppliers, employees or neighbours. We will never engage in any action that would put our partners, or ourselves, at reputational risk. For Jean Edwards, it’s not just about following the letter of the law.

Legal – Jean Edwards will never trade its legal and regulatory requirements for profits. We will always push for the best and most cost-effective solution, but we will never put our clients at risk of legal sanction. Data protection.

Economic – Our goal to is grow with our clients, to provide market-leading services and solutions with every project.

On top of that, we also focus our efforts on Diversity & Inclusion.

We also ensure safe work conditions, which includes remote working and data safety.

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