The advent of our new line of business application, SICS, was a challenging undertaking and we were fortunate to have the expertise of JEC for our digital transformation.

Management Consultants

Enhancing Operational Effectiveness and Flexibility

To remain competitive in an increasingly accelerating world, businesses strive to boost operational effectiveness wherever possible. Jean Edwards helps their clients increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition.

Through operational review and transformation, Jean Edwards will provide you with the ability to keep focus on the customer, while being able to adapt to ever-changing requirements and reduce frictional costs so your organisation can provide higher returns to the investors.


Identify and Overcome Bottlenecks

Whether it is an obsolete technology, fault in the process design or execution, identifying where the root of operational inefficiencies reside can be quite challenging. Jean Edwards supports clients in successfully identifying and removing these bottlenecks. We also document, re-design and build new processes to ensure teams operate at maximum capacity.

Key Measures and Performance Indicators

Jean Edwards helps their clients in establishing key measures and targets that guide the organisation’s planning efforts, and provide basis for selecting what improvements to make first. Using analytics to lead operating efficiency and cost reduction efforts is rapidly proving its value in achieving, and sustaining, improvements to the bottom line.

Achieve Success with Synergy

Open lines of communication and cross-departmental collaboration are pivotal to successful value creation process. Jean Edwards can help you establish a secure and accessible network of information between teams by defining and documenting best practices for each department and offering support in driving the dialogue between teams that boosts cooperation.

Change Management

We provide expert change management services and support to ensure that change is thoughtfully designed, efficiently implemented and embedded within your organisations corporate culture. We utilise a collaborative approach to assist the transformation using a range of tools, processes and techniques to engage and lead people through change in-line with business objectives.

Jean Edwards Synergy methodology is a flexible and practical framework that supports change programmes of any scale.


Create a Vision for Change

Our unique Change Management framework helps organisations create an inspiring, realistic and clear vision for change. We focus our efforts on removing physical and psychological barriers whilst ensuring all members are involved, informed, engaged and supported throughout the whole process.

Communicate & Engage

Consistent stakeholder engagement is fundamental for organisational success. Implementing change requires effective communication and collaboration across all involved. Our transparent approach ensures the highest visibility at all stages by tracking each step using Agile methodology to provide the ability to view and manage progress.

Sustainable Change

Achieving organisation-wide change is best achieved by implementing an approach that supports, encourages and celebrates short-term wins. This approach improves and sustains stakeholder engagement and helps maintain momentum. Our key focus is to ensure change has been anchored into corporate culture and that business as usual continues with as minimal interruptions as possible.

Program & Project Management

Jean Edwards has a wealth of experience in managing a broad range of programs and projects, from transforming legacy tools through to complex, structural designs and solutions, and from design right through to production and client support.

Jean Edwards will establish the framework for your organisation’s project by bringing in all stakeholder voices, taking into consideration all the variables that would impact its viability and allow for effective implementation.


Providing a Project Management Office function that specifies, manages and reports on projects within the organisation to provide a compliant framework. Based on our wealth of experience, we can offer best practices to drive the projects that realise benefits in an effective and transparent way.

Full Lifecycle

Jean Edwards provides support throughout the full project lifecycle, from initiation to deployment, and post-deployment activities. We strive to meet and exceed your business goals, whilst maintaining project scope, budget and timescale. Our collaborative approach and regular, transparent client communication ensures mutual success.

Capitalise on Synergy

Our Synergy methodology ensures projects are managed efficiently. We are a team of bright individuals possessing a variety of talents, which we enjoy applying in order to achieve the very best results. We work with you, and for you.

Strategic IT Management

If strategic decisions are not considered up-front, organisations often react without fully understanding the full extent of any risk or reward involved. Our consultants’ industry experience and expertise allows Jean Edwards to assist you in ensuring that your IT department can design, develop and deliver a flexible and responsive strategy, whilst monitoring and adjusting as required.

With specialists on System Integration, Enterprise Solutions, Process and Change Management and Project Management, we can ensure that your IT strategy matches, enables and enhances your overall business strategy.

System Implementation and Data Migration for Swiss Client

Transformation into a cloud-based solution involving migration of contracts, claims and accounts and modelling of reviewed core processes. Clients can now automatically transfer contracts to their banking partner.

Claims Process Definition for US Insurance Company

Jean Edwards provides support throughout the full project lifecycle, from initiation to deployment, and post-deployment activities. We strive to meet and exceed your business goals, whilst maintaining project scope, budget and timescale. Our collaborative approach and regular, transparent client communication ensures mutual success.

Implementation for Bermudian Reinsurer

Jean Edwards developed an API interface that streamlined its bank statement and bank payment processes. Statements are automatically downloaded and parsed, the relevant systems integrated so that the whole process in automated.

Project Audit

Capitalising upon our broad program and project experience, achieved through working with a range of clients of all sizes. We are well-versed in comparing deliverables against business case requirements, scope and benefits, and identifying incomplete solutions and delivery shortfall.

Independent Expertise

We possess extensive program and project management expertise, and, therefore, understand the activities required to complete a successful implementation. Better still, we are client-independent and impartial.

Risk Management

Risks are often ever-present and can introduce large impacts to otherwise well-planned projects. Best practice drives us to focus on the planning and mitigation of the potential impact and severity of risks. We routinely employ mitigation to reduce or eliminate these in the normal course of our project planning.

Open Review

We facilitate open, collaborative project review sessions. Without political or vested interest, we listen and document feedback impartially to feed into lessons learned sessions on an ongoing basis to help determine suitable actions for continuous improvement.