Jean Edwards showed remarkable expertise and provided us with continuous support throughout the whole project. I look forward to working with the team again in the future.

Public Sector Change Management


Jean Edwards worked with the NGO in Zambia to define standards and structures for its driver training programs to ensure they fully complied with conditions for receiving foreign aid.

DfID and Sussex University

Jean Edwards supported a project in Uganda.

Brighton & Hove City Council

Jean Edwards assisted the city council to define and create a robust charter of governance for school governors.

Our Offerings in Banking

Public Sector Project Management and Implementation

  • Jean Edwards Synergy methodology for project management
  • Agile project management methods
  • Scalable agile transformation approach

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Project audit and performance measurement
  • Evolution methodology using Synergy
  • Internal & external project audit
  • Project Monitoring to minimise risk and maximise value

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Corporate volunteerism
  • Corporate philanthropy
  • Ethical labour practices
  • Economic responsibility

Governance and GDPR

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) audit and compliance check
  • Governance methodology definition
  • Accountability and governance audit