The advent of our new line of business application, SICS, was a challenging undertaking and we were fortunate to have the expertise of JEC for our digital transformation.

Reinsurance Data Solutions Provider

Supporting London Client after a Merger

Two year project ensured full compliance and maximised capacity within new infrastructure landscape. Client data from seven systems was successfully migrated into one.

System Implementation and Data Migration for Swiss Client

Transformation into a cloud-based solution involving migration of contracts, claims and accounts and modelling of reviewed core processes. Clients can now automatically transfer contracts to their banking partner.

Process Optimisation for Financial Services Client using Automation

Solution-driven approach resulted in developing a bespoke product to automate daily processes and quarter end whilst providing better transparency and improved error-handling.

Successful Fold-in of an Accident and Health Book of Business

To increase the efficiency of contract management, accounting handling and claims processing, this top 10 global reinsurer engaged Jean Edwards to manage the fold-in of the Accident and Health reinsurance books into the company’s main business process. This integration included business process definition, data migration and roll out across three continents.

What did our client achieve with this?

  • Optimisation and streamlining of the underwriting process
  • Data migration of three legacy systems into the world-leading reinsurance application, SICS
  • Supporting the transition through the provision of training and full post-implementation support
  • On schedule system implementation and delivery in a heterogeneous system landscape
  • Confidence and efficiency for users delivered through the implementation of a test automation solution to meet complex test requirements

Document Extraction, Ingestion and Automatic Updates

We noticed that a typical bottleneck, and significant cost, for many of our clients comes at the point of manual data entry. So much of today’s reinsurance still starts with a document. Jean Edwards developed their own solution to this problem; the Alpha platform.

Alpha’s AI helps to read, understand and automate document processing – including pushing records to or updating any line of business system, directly from the Alpha user interface. Alpha can read slips, claims and accounting documents and integrate with any other business process – or drive them with AlphaTasks, a richly featured task manager which can manage and model complex businesses workflows.